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Farm Kiling and Genocide in South Africa
The Boers – or farmers – of South Africa have tilled the land for generations on small holdings or on large commercial farms. But orgiastic killing sprees by The People, combined with a Stalinesque land grab by their representatives is threatening this minority’s survival.rnrnrnNot to mention making life an inferno for farmers across the country.rnrnrnJournalists for “Carte Blanche,” the South African equivalent of “20/20,” conducted a six-month investigation into what has become known as farm murders, or plaasmoorde in Afrikaans. The short documentary opens with a funeral, Elsie Swart’s. Elsie was one of three farmers killed in the span of only seven days. She died after being “severely tortured, burned with an electric iron, beaten and strangled to death.”rnrnrnThe victims of this ongoing onslaught, we are told, are invariably elderly, law-abiding, God-fearing whites, murdered in cold blood, in ways that beggar belief. For the edification of racism spotters in the West, “Carte Blanche” ought to have pointed out that their assailants are always black.rnrnrnTypically, the heathens will attack on Sundays. On returning from church, the farmer is ambushed. Those too feeble to attend Sunday service are frequently tortured and killed when the rest are worshiping. In one crime scene, Bibles belonging to the slain had been splayed across their mangled bodies. In another, an “old man’s hand rests on the arm of his wife of many years.” She raped; he, in all likelihood, made to watch. Finally, with their throats slit, they died side by side.
12.12.2022 um 16:47 (UTC)

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