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Pretoria, 16 August 2011, an agreement of cooperation was signed between the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), the Suidlanders movement and the Kommadokorps (KK). The objective of the collaboration will be to handle the White Genocide, the violence against whites and especially farmers and their families in southern Africa. To do so, and in prevision that things to come to a head, they will insist on paramilitary training of members and sympathizers, and of all whites who request it like AWB and KK already do, as well as coordinate the forces at local level to form emergency response teams capable of operating on the territory. The goal is not to create violence, even “racist”, but to ensure the physical survival of peoples at risk: the whites in southern Africa.

But in southern Africa there isn’t the White Genocide only. It also ongoing the Boer Genocide, namely: the cultural, social, historical and spiritual, annihilation of the only white African nation, the Boer nation. A genocide that has ancient origins, that began when international capitalism decided to occupy the Boer’ lands by British military force. A genocide that was also physical, with concentration camps and mass extermination, but later became more subtle: it replaced the British colours with those of the Prinsevlag and invented an artificial “nationalism”. It wasn’t necessary physically exterminate the Boers, was enough to make them lose their identity, and turn them into something else

Pretoria, 16 August 2011. The Boer identity crisis is sitting at the table with Suidlanders, KK, and AWB. Behind Gustav Muller Suidlanders leader,Col.FranzJooste Kommandokorps leader and Steyn van Ronge AWB leader, there isn’t a Boer flag, but the so called “Afrikanervlag”, a reconstruction of the flag of the RSA the macrostate  empire forged in 1902 by international capitalism, by military force of the British Empire, after having defeated the Boer republics and annexed them to its colonies. The so-called “Afrikanervlag” is based on Prinsevlag  the supposed flag of Van Rieebeck, from which the Boers fled to seek freedom; and in the center has three small flags as in the flag of the RSA used between 1928-1994; but in this two are Boer flags (those of the two Boer Republics and one is a pro Boer flag that of the Cape Rebels . The so-called “Afrikanervlag” isn’t a Boer flag, but just another invention to confuse the true nationalism Boer with a false  white Afrikaner. Because doesn’t exist, and never has existed, an “Afrikaner” nation.

On the table: three small flags; two, the lowest, of the Boer republics, at the foot of a higher, carrying the colours of the foreign Prinsevlag. It seems a sign of Boer submission.The agreement between AWB, KK and Suidlanders, speaks about “Boer Afrikaner nation”, which is something different than “Boer nation”. And it ends with the words: “The orange, white and blue flag on high. The Vierkleur will fly again.” But the Vierkleur, the Boer flag of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (ZAR, literally: “South African Republic”, the Boer Republic in the Transvaal region, was lowered just to rise the orange, white and blue flag, symbol of the macrostate which had annexed and conquered the Boer republics. The same macrostate , empire run today  by the ANC.Col. Franz Jooste Kommandokorps leader and Steyn van Ronge (AWB leader), are candidates of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK), the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners, who supports the so called “white Afrikaner nationalism”.
Also this is genocide: Boer Genocide.




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