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Bles Bridges (22 July 1947 – 24 March 2000). He was born Lawrence John Gabriel Bridges, but became known as Bles Bridges. His Irish granddad called him Bles, because he has very thin hair from an early age. He was a much loved South African singer.

He released his first album in 1982, Onbekende Weermagman (Unknown Soldier). His professional career began in 1984, with the release of his second album, BLES which went gold in under a month (25,000 copies) and included Maggie, one of his most loved songs. It sold twice that by the time his third album was released. At the time of his death, he sold more than one and a half million albums (records and CDs'.

Soon Bles Bridges began alternating between an Afrikaans and English language album, to great acclaim. He also began working with Eurovision South Africa. In 2000, he began recording an album with Patricia Lewis. Their first song (and last song as it turned out, as he died within a week of finishing the song) was "The First Kiss Goodnight" by Dennis East; it was recorded on March 21, 2000.

In the 1980s he held a concert in support of the AWB Volkhulpskema (People's Help Scheme) which raised 10,000 Rand (he was there as an artist, not by personal belief).

He had cancer during the eighties and gave mildly to charity after his recovery, for cancer research etc.

His wife, Leonie was his soundengineer and the composer and/or songwriter of most of his songs, including most of his biggest hits, including "MAGGIE" and "I AM THE EAGLE, YOU'RE THE WIND" among others.

His biggest hit was "Ruiter van die Windjie" (Rider of the Wind) which was released in 1986.

He loved life and roses, and he gave roses to the front audience members (women) at all his concerts.

His career highlight was when he performed to a soldout "SUPERBOWL" at SUN CITY, becoming the first Afrikaans artist to do so, as feature artist on 14 and 15 May 1987. In fact he drew a bigger crowd than Frank Sinatra did when he opened the "Superbowl" in 1982.

Bles died in a motorcar accident on 24 March 2000. He left his wife, Leonie and children Sunette and Victor behind. More than 7000 mourners turned up for his funeral to bid Bles farewell.


Leon Ernest "Schuks" Schuster (born May 21, 1951) is a South African filmmaker, comedian, actor, presenter and singer.
Schuster was drawn to the filmmaking process at an early age. As children he and his brother would play practical jokes on his family and film these with an old home movie camera.

Schuster studied for a BA degree at the University of the Orange Free State and spent two years teaching at a high school in Bloemfontein.

Early life

Schuster was drawn to the filmmaking process at an early age. As children he and his brother would play practical jokes on his family and film these with an old home movie camera.Schuster studied for a BA degree at the University of the Orange Free State and spent two years teaching at a high school in Bloemfontein.


Schuster began working for the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1975. During his time at the SABC, Leon created the Afrikaans radio series Vrypostige Mikrofoon with Fanus Rautenbach– where he would disguise his voice and take the mickey out of unsuspecting victims.


In 1982, Leon was approached by Decibel Records to compile a series of sports songs and his first record, Leon Schuster sold 100,000 units. His second album Broekskeur sold in excess of 40,000 units and this was followed by Briekdans and Leon Schuster – 20 Treffers which sold in excess of 270,000 copies.
His hit CD Hier Kom Die Bokke garnered an FNB Sama Music Award for Biggest Selling CD of 1995. His following CD, Gatvol in Paradise, sold in more than 125,000 units and gave rise to the unofficial Gauteng anthem, Gautengeling.



Schuster's first feature, You Must Be Joking! produced in collaboration with Johan Scholtz and Elmo de Witt became popular with South African audiences and it gave rise to the sequel You Must be Joking! Too.These films were candid camera sketches and Schuster made many more of these films as well as slap-stick films, the most notable of which was Mr Bones. The film emerged as the most successful Schuster film of all time, earning more that R33 million at the South African box office.

Kurt Darren was born in Pretoria and matriculated from the Lyttleton Manor High School. He inherited his amazing singing talent  from his mother. At school he participated in various musical plays and says that he has been interested in music for as long as he can remember.

What few people don't know about Kurt is that he is fluent in both Afrikaans and English, this is because of his bilingual upbringing (his father is Afrikaans and his mother is English). His capability to write songs and sing in both languages and to entertain his bilingual audiences is astonishing.

Kurt went to the Army after he matriculated and did his basic training in Walvisbay. During his time in the army, he joined the army's entertainment group and toured with them for a year; he then started to realise that he wanted to pursue his life long dream of becoming a singer. He was discouraged by many people saying that he cannot make a living out of singing.

Kurt then tried a couple of other occupations, which included acting as a tourguide in the Kruger National Park (nature lies very close to Kurts' heart).  With some of Kurts' family members in the building industry, he then also tried his hand at that, but not for long. He finally decided that he was going to sing on a full time basis.

Kurt sang ballads for thirteen years, motionless on a chair, with a microphone in his hand, at many corporate functions, bars and small venues across South Africa. He drove from one city to the next, loading and unloading his speakers by himself, he also had to set up and do his own sound. Kurt is proud to say that he has been part of a couple of "groups" during his singing career, some of these include: "Deep Blue" and "Keep Your Day Job".   

He always knew that his big  breakthrough would come someday. He then performed on a luxury cruiseliner for three months, lost a couple of kilograms and cut his hair (for those who don't know, Kurt wore his hair at shoulder length for quite some time).  He was now ready and full of energy for the recording of "Meisie Meisie" in 2002, and the fame that soon followed.   

Nowadays Kurt tours right across South Africa, and even abroad, on a growing basis.

His first album "For Your Precious Love" was released in 1995.  Kurt then had the great fortune to release all the following Albums, which are listed in chronological order:

• 1997 - "Kurt Darren".
• 1998 - "Just When I Needed You Most".
• 1999 - "Since I Found You".
• 2001 - "Net Jy Alleen".
• 2002 - "Meisie Meisie".  

* Kurts' breakthrough into the Afrikaans music industry came with "Meisie Meisie".  The "Meisie  Meisie" album includes various hit songs and still has people filling dancefloors.  "Meisie Meisie" was one of the Top3 hits of 2002 and has achieved Double Platinum status. It was during the planning and recording of this album that Kurt started writing lyrics with two inspiring and very talented people: Don Kelly and Marc Brendon. This trio have been complimenting each others' songwriting skills ever since.

• 2003 - "Se Net Ja".
• 2004 - "Staan Op".
• 2005 - "Vat My, Maak My Joune".
• 2006 - "Lekker Lekker".
• 2007 - "Voorwaarts Mars".
• 2008 - "Uit Die Diepte Van My Hart".

His dream has been realised as a singer.  With almost a dozen solo albums,  his voice also compliments many compiled CD's.

For seven consecutive albums, Kurt has been experiencing the wave of success. He lives to entertain with his musical talent, and plans to stay in this industry for a long time to come.  He has an everlasting passion for music and wants to share his Godgiven gift with each and every person.



Birthday: 19 February
Starsign: Aquarius
Hair: Blonde






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